Andrew Hill Property

At Andrew Hill Lettings & Estates, your property is our priority, even on Sundays, bank holidays and on Christmas day! We’re experts in our local market and we’re known for our ability to maximise the income earned from your property through our range of services as well as our super-fair fees. Our landlord and property investor clients enjoy an income even during void periods using our Short Term Accommodation Management Service when they instruct us to let and manage their property.

Expert Marketing & Carefully Selected Tenants

We use a proven marketing strategy to position your property in front of thousands of potential tenants. This includes expert listing creation, advertising through our website, property portals, classified ads, social media and offline media. We pride ourselves on our ability to thoroughly reference, background and select the right tenants the first time, every time. We do this through our range of partners and our own due diligence. We fully reference, background, credit and affordability check your tenants and insist on guarantors where necessary. We also carry out right to rent checks. We construct the tenancy agreement, check the tenant in and we can also carry out an inventory report.

Fully Managed Property Services

Our full property management service gives you peace of mind with our regular inspections, deposit collection and registration, rent collection, repairs and maintenance and more. We also deal with tenant liason and more! When it gets near to the end of the tenancy agreement, we liaise with the tenant to find out if they want to renew their contract or move out, in which case we will either renew the tenancy (we don’t charge renewal fees) or remarket the property accordingly, we will also carry out an end of tenancy inspection and raise any deposit disputes where necessary. For more information on what’s included in our Full Property Management Service navigate to our How to Rent section of our website.

No Hidden Fees & No Upfront Charges

We’re confident we’ll let your property promptly and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. We don’t charge any hidden or upfront fees. All of our letting and management fees, and any costs incurred for repairs to your property, are deducted from the rent paid by the tenants where possible. Sometimes, when you instruct an agent to let and manage your property in Leicester, you’ll often be quoted a price and when the tenant moves in, the remaining balance of the first month’s rent is often much lower than you expect. We will always seek your permission to carry out work, make purchases, etc except for when there is a critical emergency and we are unable to contact you.

What’s included in our management service?

Let Only Fully Managed
Property Valuation
Expert Marketing with Proven Marketing Strategies
Supply & Erect a ‘To Let’ board if required
Negotiating terms with potential Tenants
Complete Tenant Referencing (including affordability and credit checks)
Right to Rent Checks
Gas Safety Checks* & yearly renewals
Energy Performance Certificates & ten-yearly renewals*
Electrical Safety Inspections where necessary*
Tenancy Agreement & all legally required admin
Schedule of Condition & Inventory
Serving of prescribed information
Tenant Check-in/Check-out
Council Tax & Utilities Notification
Collection & registration of deposit
Regular Property Inspections**
Provide Inspection Reports
Transferring monthly rent & Issuing rent statements
Arranging repairs & maintenance
Free advice on property improvements/decorating
Payment of Invoices
Handling deposit disputes
Rent Guarantee***
Re-letting the property to avoid loss of rental income
Subsequent Schedule of Condition and Inventory Upgrade*
No Fee Sale by Auction

*Charged at cost.

**We carry out inspections every six months where access is granted by tenants. Additional Inspections can be carried out at a cost of £50 per Inspection.

***Subject to tenant referencing.

Our Fees:

We offer comprehensive property management and lettings in Leicester with no upfront fees (except where stated). Our standard charges are as follows but if you require a more bespoke service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our priority is to help you reach your property investment goals.

Click here if you’re looking for Short-Term Accommodation Management.

Free Property Management Transfer Service:

If you’re looking to move your property which is already managed by another agency, we won’t charge you any fees for this. We don’t charge any extra fees for the renewal of the tenancy agreement, re-registration of the tenant’s security deposit to our approved custodial scheme and dealing with the administration involved where required when transferring a tenanted property.

Let Only Service:

Tenant Find Only: £349 +VAT

After Care Package: £200 +VAT per year thereafter

Our aftercare package includes tenancy renewals, reregistration of deposit where required and re-issue of most recent prescribed information.

Advertise Only with Tenant Vetting

If you’re happy to check the tenant in yourself, register the deposit, issue up-to-date prescribed information, collect the rent, and otherwise fully manage your own property but simply want some help to find a tenant, we can help.

The service includes:

  • Advertising on OnTheMarket.comZoopla and Rightmove through our partners.
  • Advertising on social media, including Facebook Marketplace. We often include our listings in paid social media advertising targeting tenants who may be suitable for properties like yours.
  • Advertising on Gumtree and other classified advertising sites.
  • Advertising across multiple brands, including sponsored content online.
  • Liaising with potential tenants and submitting viewing requests to you.
  • Once you’ve selected a tenant you’d like to move into your property, we will carry out full referencing and background checks, ensuring they meet tenant affordability, right-to-rent and credit referencing criteria.

We charge £200 + VAT (upfront) for this service but you can opt to spend more to be invested in paid advertising to enable us to take advantage of full exposure for your property.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to letting your property quickly and encouraging long-term, happy tenants to maximise your return on investment.

Happy tenants lead to long-term tenants and one way we keep tenants happy is by providing a hands-on, in-depth service to them as well as you. We offer a lot of support to them to ensure they’re satisfied tenants including signposting services to organisations and charities who can offer relevant help and support, liasing with the local authority and DWP with benefits, council tax and other affairs where we are authorised to do so, inform them of relevant work opportunities should the tenants inform us they’re thinking of changing jobs, assisting tenants with finding childcare placements if required and ensuring they’re claiming any and all benefits they’re entitled to. We also offer advice on budgeting and saving money, as well as advice on how to manage any debt they may have.

We have found that, when we provide value to our tenants, the rent is flowing more readily into our account and tenants are compelled to pay their rent before other bills and, should they ever struggle, they’ll be more forthcoming about any financial problems they may have, especially when we know that we’re here to help them and in doing so, encourage them to make rent payments.

We are different to many other letting agents and property managers in Leicester because we encourage long-term, happy tenants. Often, agents will charge hefty tenancy renewal fees to encourage tenants onto periodic tenancies or so that they can evict the tenant if they refuse to pay and generate more income from tenant fees whilst you receive no rent. Because we disagree with underhanded business practices and we put our client’s (which includes tenants) interests before our own, we will never charge tenants or landlords any renewal fees associated with renewing the tenancy agreement and the only time we encourage tenants to allow their AST to expire so that they’re on a periodic tenancy is if they expect to move out within the next 6 months or if they are a higher risk tenant (eg. in and out of work, expect their income to fall/rents to rise higher than their income within the next potential fixed term period or if you’re unsure you will need possession of the property for any other reason within the next six months).

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Our Fair Fee Guarantee

We don’t believe in silly fees that should be included as part of the management service so, so when you instruct us to manage your property, we promise to never charge you to renew your contract with us or to renew a tenancy agreement as we don’t see the point in charging you or your tenants to be our client. We promise to never charge you a fee to refuse an unsuitable applicant because it’s your property and we have your best interests at heart. And we promise to never charge you any hidden fees, the charges above is the cost of our service to you. Terms & Conditions Apply.